2022 Resources

Term 1 Every Member Course.

While our sermons will be from Mark’s gospel, our Growth Group material is going over our Every Member course. The first three studies will become part of our ongoing ‘new members’ course.

The resources are all located here… https://campbelltownanglican.org/memberscourse/

Term 2 Romans 1-5

We’ll be using the “Read, Mark, Learn: Romans” material for these studies. A limited number of copies have been purchased by the church for GG leaders to purchase. It is also available on Amazon Kindle.

There are also 2 PDF booklets available for your groups to use…

Term 3 Genesis – Children of the Promise

Focusing on Chapters 12-50. Content was supplied in hard copies from Matthias Media.

Term 4 Romans 6-8

The Suggested Questions from the RML book have been made available in this PDF.

The Bible Text plus COMA notes PDF is available here.