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“I’m never going to remember all this…!”

“I’m never going to remember all this…!”
This comment was made by one of the members of our Tuesday Night GG. He was feeling overwhelmed with Romans and felt like he was not going to get full value out of our sustained study of the book. Perhaps you or members of your group feel like this too. It is hard to remember what you had for lunch yesterday, let alone what we studied in church last week and the eight weeks before that!

Well, here is an idea you might want to implement in your group – ONE WORD SUMMARY.

How does it work?
Each time you finish a chapter, ask each member to come up with one word that summarises the message of that chapter. 
You don’t all have to have the same word – you just have to have a word that helps you remember what went on in that chapter.
(You don’t even have to have one word, you could have two or three but one word means you end up with only 16 words to remember the whole book.)
We did it last Tuesday and we came up with a collection of words for Chapter 1 & 2.

Chapter 1 – Gospel, Power
Chapter 2 – Unsafe, Fairness

My plan is to ask at the end of each chapter for new words but then also to review all the previous words to aid memory. In this way we will continually remember what has gone before. So I will ask, “What is your word for Chapter 1 and why? What is your word for Chapter 2 and why? etc etc”

If your group gives it a go, why not share the words you come up with here or on the church FB page.