Firm Foundations Index

Introduction – Where to begin?
And who are we listening to?

Study 1 – Truly understanding the grace of God.
Topics covered:
 The message of hope, love, faith and grace.
Glossary: hope; love; faith; grace; gospel; epistle.

Study 2 – Praying like a Christian.
Topics include:
 How do we pray and enjoy it?
Glossary: kingdom of God; endurance, redemption, 

Study 3 – Jesus Christ is LORD and Saviour
Topics covered: 
Our hope is found in Christ alone 
The Trinity
What is the church?
Glossary: reconciliation; church.

Study 4 – The Word of God, faith and maturity
Topics covered:
The life of faith
What is the bible and how can we trust it?
The point of Growth Groups (discipleship and maturity)
Glossary: maturity; false teaching; bible; preaching and teaching.

Study 5 – Religion, spirituality and the body of Christ
Topics covered:
Which religion is right?
Church rituals (making a good thing bad)
The cross of Christ
Glossary: baptism; circumcision; true religion.

Study 6 – Put on love
Topic covered:
How do we now live as Christians?
Glossary: sin; fruit of the Spirit; forgiveness; love. Now-but-not-yet.

Study 7 – Put on faith
Topic covered:
 Making godly decisions
Glossary: submission; good works; favouritism.

Study 8 – Completing the mission
Topics Covered:
 What is taking Jesus so long to return?
How do I proclaim Christ?
Glossary: proclamation; wisdom; maturity; assurance; partnership; mission; evangelism.