Act 9:32-43 – The Ministry of Miracles in the Gentile Land



Saul, with violence and hate in his heart toward those of “the Way”, is confronted by the risen Jesus. This results in his “sudden” conversion that occured over three days. He is embraced by the disciples as they see that he has embraced Jesus as Lord.

In Jerusalem, the church was experiencing peace and strengthening and growth.



32-35 – Aeneas healed and many believe

36-43 – Tabitha resurrected and many believe

32-35 – Aeneas healed and many believe

“Peter travelled” – while the early chapters of Acts described the events in Jerusalem, now we have the disciples traveling about. They have learned to spread the gospel further.

“Visit the Lord’s people” – on his travels, Peter’s main method was to visit existing believers. It is not only necessary to spread the gospel through mission, it is also important to strengthen the believers. Gospel growth happened around churches.

“there he found a man.” Peter didn’t only talk to believers. Aeneas is lead to Christ through this miracle. The point of the miracle seems clearly to do with convincing people that Jesus is Lord. That was the result. The miracle surprised people and responded in a way that shows they now think highly of Jesus.

36-43 – Tabitha resurrected and many believe

Tabitha was well known in Joppa for her charity to others. Peter was called to help her when she was already dead. This episode sounds so much like the miracles of Jesus and Matthew 10:8 comes to mind as Peter fulfills his calling from Jesus. Peter even followed Jesus’ example by excluding the mourners from the room.

The difference between Jesus and Peter is that Peter needs to pray. Even when Jesus prayed before the tomb of Lazarus, he did this for the benefit of those around him. Peter here turns to God in prayer for help. How Peter knew that the healing would take place, I don’t know. The point of this healing, just like the last, was for the result that “many people believed in the Lord.”

This is the only time in the New Testament that a female is called a disciple (v36).


The message of Jesus as Lord is going out to the Gentiles along with the same healing ministry that Jesus displayed in Jerusalem. The gospel of new life is being delivered to new territory in a similar way that Jesus delivered it to the Jews. Different people, but the same humanity that need to know Jesus.


  1. Jesus does bring ultimate healing to all who believe. The resurrection will see all tears and pain disappear. Jesus is the resurrection and the life. The search for miracles in this world must lead us to Jesus or else they will not be found at all.
  2. The strength of the gospel news travelled beyond Jerusalem. Gentiles were witnessing the power of Jesus in their own towns. The gospel is as much for China as it is for the English as it is for the middle east.
  3. The gospel has already reached the port of Joppa. Remember that Jonah left Joppa to go as far away as he could imagine. Here stands Simon Peter, in the home of Simon the tanner, at the gateway to the world. Matthew 28 is being fulfilled. The “go” in “go therefore” is important to our commission.