Start Living

A course for new disciples

This 8 part course was written in 2013 to help new Christians (or Christians who felt stuck in their faith) to move forward. It was written and developed by Simon Twist and used at Campbeltown Anglican Church for a number of years. It has been replaced by our Firm Foundations course which uses the book of Colossians to help Christians to truly understand the grace of God and what that means. But Start Living still has a place for anyone who wants to consider 8 key truths that every Christian ought to know. It is supplied here for personal study, Growth Group study or one to one training. The eight lessons are listed below with links to PDF files.

Introduction Lesson

Lesson One: What’s the big deal with God? (We begin with grace)

Lesson Two: Why Don’t We Pray?

Lesson Three: A Guide on Worry

Lesson Four: I Believe in the Trinity

Lesson Five: The Word of God

Lesson Six: A Life of Faith

Lesson Seven: The Community of Faith – Church

Lesson Eight: Sharing Your Faith