Plans for this site

As this site gets up and running and used, the primary aim is to feed timely information to Growth Group leaders that will help think through the message and life implications of the upcoming bible passage.

The structure of each post may look something like:

Passage reference and link to biblegateway text


Outlining what has happened prior to this reading that has direct bearing on the current message


How is the passage broken up into paragraphs and ideas – what is the flow of the passage. This will change from genre to genre.

Notes on the text:

This is often called the ‘exegetical’ section but refers to commentary on words, phrases, background information and generally things that are note-worthy in the text.


One or two themes or big ideas will be suggested with an argument as to why that is the big idea


Bullet points of application shall be listed. Several may be offered.


A prayer that encompasses the message learned can be added and this can be used by the Growth Groups to conclude their own meetings.


Perhaps a few questions could be offered without an answer to entice some further discussion and thought?

**This is one suggested structure of what a post will look like. Another idea is to simply stick to the three points of !What is noteworthy ?What needs answering and =>What are the implications for life today.

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